Human Sequence Query: Documentation

This query is limited to complete human mitochondrial DNA sequences.

Any combination of fields may be entered to specify the desired query conditions.

NB: We use "haplogroup" as an operational term, to maintain consistency with the "haplogroup user code" in HmtDB, rather than as a phylogenetically precise term. Some of the "haplogroup" assignments derived from HmtDB indicate paraphyletic rather than monophyletic groups.

Field Name Field Description
Haplogroup: Select individual haplogroups from the list, or select all haplogroups starting with a specific letter by checking the box beside that letter.
Disease State: Select sequences associated with a specific disease state.
Map Available: Select by whether a map of the sequence is available in GOBASE. Default value "not set".
Sequence Length: Select minimum and/or maximum values for sequence length.
Database-related Specifications
GOBASE Create Date: Specify date on which the GOBASE record was created.
Last Update Date: Specify date on which the record was last updated.
NCBI/Entrez GI: Specify an NCBI "gi" identifier for the desired sequence.
GenBank Accession: Specify a GenBank accession number for the desired sequence.
Author: Specify the author name attached to the desired sequence
EMBL Record: Specify an EMBL identifier for the desired sequence.
PIR Record Name: Specify a PIR identifier for the desired sequencer.
SWISSPROT ID: Specify a SWISSPROT ID for the desired sequence.
GOBASE Sequence ID: Specify a GOBASE sequence ID for the desired sequence.
Sort Results by: Specify the order in which the results will be sorted; options are by taxonomic division, species name or molecule type.

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