Intron Query Documentation

Any combination of fields may be entered to specify the desired query conditions.

Field Name Field Description
Data Source: Select one of four options for the origin of the data; the options are "mitochondrial", "chloroplast", "bacterial" or "all". Default value is "all".
Show Oversampled Data: In cases where GenBank contains more than five copies of the same gene from the same organism, we in GOBASE select the five most divergent copies as type examples. Selecting "Yes" here will display introns from all the copies of these genes; selecting "No" shows type examples only. Default value is "No".
Gene Name: Enter the name of the gene containing the intron here. Accepts * as an initial or terminal wildcard.
Product Type: Select one of five options for the type of gene product sought; the options are ribosomal RNA, transfer RNA, other RNA, protein or all. Default value is all.
Taxon Name: Enter the taxon name here. Accepts * as an initial or terminal wildcard.
Taxon Division: Mark any of the boxes to receive results from that taxon division; options are Fungi, Metazoa, Plants or Protista. Default behaviour with no boxes marked is to return data from all taxonomic divisions.
Intron Number: Specify the number of the intron within the gene.
Partial Intron: Select partial introns. Default value "not set".
Secondary Structure Available: Select introns for which a secondary structure is available in GOBASE. Default value "not set".
Intron location on sequence
Sequence GI: Specify the GenBank ID of the sequence containing the intron.
Strand: Specify strand on which the intron occurs.
From: Specify position on sequence after which intron must start.
To: Specify position on sequence before which intron must end.
Intron Length: Specify minimum and/or maximum length for introns,
Database-related Specifications
NCBI/Entrez GI: Specify an NCBI "gi" identifier..
GenBank Accession: Specify a GenBank accession number.
GOBASE Feature ID: Specify a GOBASE feature ID for the intron.
Sort Results by: Specify the order in which the results will be sorted; options are by gene name or species name.

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