Taxonomy Query Documentation

Any combination of fields may be entered to specify the desired query conditions.

Field Name Field Description
Taxon Name: Enter the taxon name here. Accepts * as an initial or terminal wildcard.
Taxon Division: Mark any of the boxes to receive results from that subset of taxon divisions; options are Fungi, Metazoa, Plants. Protista, α-proteobacteria, γ-proteobacteria and Cyanobacteria. Default behaviour with no boxes marked is to return data from all taxonomic divisions.
Rank: Select the desired taxonomic rank from a scrolling list.
Sequence Data Available: Select one of four options for the origin of the data; the options are "mitochondrial", "chloroplast", "basterial", or "all". Default value is "all".
Map Available: Select organisms for which genetic maps are available. Default value "not set".
PID Record Available: Select taxa for which a PID record is available. Default value "not set".
NCBI Taxon ID: Specify the NCBI taxon ID for the desired taxon.
Sort Results by: Specify the order in which the results will be sorted; options are by taxon name or taxonomic rank.

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